Free Aromatherapy Course App

Free Aromatherapy Course App has been designed to help you use essential oils to improve your health.

Free Aromatherapy Course teaches you the safety precautions and therapeutic uses of the following essential oils:

* Lemon Essential Oil

* Eucalyptus Essential Oil

* Tea Tree Essential Oil

* Lavender Essential Oil

* Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

* Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

* Peppermint Essential Oil

* Patchouli Essential Oil

* Geranium Essential Oil

* Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Free Aromatherapy Course also teaches you about the therapeutic uses of the following carrier oils:

* Sweet Almond Oil

* Jojoba

* Olive Oil

* Virgin Coconut Oil

* Fractionated Coconut Oil

* Sunflower Oil

* Neem Oil

* Apricot Kernel Oil

* Calendula Oil

* Borage Seed Oil

Free Aromatherapy Course is also filled with aromatherapy recipes to help you the following conditions:

* Acne

* Athlete’s foot

* Cellulite

* Coughs and colds

* Dandruff

* Eczema

* Hypertension or high blood pressure

* Mature skin

* Menopausal symptoms

* Minor cuts and bruises

* Psoriasis

* Stress

* Thinning hair

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