Christian Ebooks App

Christian Ebooks App is a free Christian app which contains a collection of spiritual books to strengthen your Christian faith.

Christian Ebooks App contains Free Christian Ebooks like The Best Stress Management Therapist and Fight Poverty Biblically

Christian Ebooks App also contains Book Reviews of some bestselling Christian books like Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way by Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, 10 Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment by Bishop T.D. Jakes, 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest by Mike Murdock, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, Prepare for War by Rebecca Brown MD, Spiritual Warfare by Derek Prince, Waging Spiritual Warfare by Richard Ing, Prayer Rain by Dr. Daniel Olukoya, Take It By Force by Judy Jacobs, Name It, Claim It, Take It by Dag Heward Mills, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Jabez Devotional by Bruce Wilkinson.

Christian Ebooks App contains excerpts of books with teachings from the Bible about Christian marriages, parenting and spiritual warfare, managing anger, conflicts, depression, money, problems, stress, worries, assertiveness training, goal setting and overcoming addiction. Affirmations for Christians, Answered Prayers, Dealing with Curses Biblically, His Devices, How to Stop Wandering in the Wilderness and Proverbs 31 Woman Life Lessons are other books in this section.

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